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Entry #12

I'm back...for me.

2010-07-14 17:54:37 by LeoK

What's up ppl?! Guess what? due to overwhelming requests and some serious thought, |I have decided that Replica Story WILL CONTINUE!!!! ManaHeart14 has put a hold on HeartDrive so we can do this together. Get ready, cause my ideas are fresh, and I WILL CONTINUE TO USE SPRITES!!!! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THAT, SCREW OFF BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DO! As of now, Replica's Story 5 never existed, in fact I'm deleting both of them because in all honesty they were both sloppy and dissatisfying. So I'm continuing from Replica's Story 4(cuz that's my best work). Anybody who has some suggestions, please, I'm all ears! I'll officially start back working on Replica's Story next Friday! As of now, I'll just prepare myself.


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2010-07-15 23:36:59

I cant wait. ;)