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I'm back...for me.

2010-07-14 17:54:37 by LeoK

What's up ppl?! Guess what? due to overwhelming requests and some serious thought, |I have decided that Replica Story WILL CONTINUE!!!! ManaHeart14 has put a hold on HeartDrive so we can do this together. Get ready, cause my ideas are fresh, and I WILL CONTINUE TO USE SPRITES!!!! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THAT, SCREW OFF BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DO! As of now, Replica's Story 5 never existed, in fact I'm deleting both of them because in all honesty they were both sloppy and dissatisfying. So I'm continuing from Replica's Story 4(cuz that's my best work). Anybody who has some suggestions, please, I'm all ears! I'll officially start back working on Replica's Story next Friday! As of now, I'll just prepare myself.

Awesome movie

2009-05-24 22:03:32 by LeoK

Soo.....who else saw Terminator Salvation? If you did, leave your comments on how cool you thought it was, or how lame you thought it was..,Personally....I PREFER YA MOM!!!! JkJk it was awesome movie, I totally reccomend it.


2009-04-01 18:31:08 by LeoK

What the hell, man?! this Un-blocked in China is shit! I can't look at hentai anymore!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHGH!!!!


2009-02-18 18:24:34 by LeoK

My loyal fans!(If I have any) I need help, please! My co-author Manaheart14, has a flash called "Re-Genesis" and as his older brother, I wanna help him by getting him a voice actor for this character m/art/Taishiji-Gravity-Light-105358322 t
that is the deviantArt link to the character, if you guys help out, that'd be awesome!
/There will be other characters posted up, soon, I'll keep you guys informed, plz and thx

Replica Story:Cancelation

2008-09-04 19:19:58 by LeoK

Well,'s like the title says. Replica Story is going to have one more submission. Then it'll be canceled. Or at least it will be canceled as a sprite movie. Because I joined multimedia club at my school, I'm trying to learn how to draw it instead. As you might go and see, I have a whole bunch of unecessary flash submissions that won't even be completed, however when I began replica's story, I told myself that I'd finish it to the end. And I plan to do that, but I'm tired of using other people's sprites then having to give credit to them(most of which I cannot remember anyway!) So ultimately I'm drawing it. Don't worry, the rpg platform will not be forgotten in the transition it'll just make things more fun and challenging. Alright then, I'll keep you guys posted! And get ready for the sprite version of Replica's story, that of which I wil attempt to make as good as possible.

The non-linear part 2

2008-07-02 18:53:31 by LeoK

Part 2 of replica's story 5 isn't "linear" like the others, it isn't just fights and stuff, clicking attack and doing damage it is slightly fifferent. However that is all I can say, so long and get ready!

Replica story 5-huge failure

2008-07-01 10:10:02 by LeoK

I guess i worled on the 5th for nothing. And then it had to broken into 2 parts, anyway I might cancel the other part, depending on the responses.

R.S. 5- One last task

2008-06-28 23:08:20 by LeoK

In a side-scrolling rpg, does any one know how to make it so that when Riku AND Sora die, it goes to the lose frame? not just one of them?

Replica Story 5-Edges and Fixes

2008-06-23 20:19:02 by LeoK

OKAY!!!! Replica Story 5 is in progress, but at this point I'm stuck. I'm sticking with the side-scrolling RPG technique however I cannot find a code for replacing a movie clip. Like, I need to replace a sprite with a dead version of that sprite when the health hits zero, any ideas? I also need to know how to make buttons inactive till a certain point, like, Riku has 100 M.P. if he doesn't have enough M.P. for a specific magic or limit, I meed to know how to make that button not work until M.P. is regained. Is that possible?

Replica Story 5-Edges and Fixes

okay multi-tasking powers...ACTIVATE

2008-05-27 09:07:15 by LeoK

Asof now, me and one of my co-authors are working on a flash u already know any way
Replica's Story has been put off since then...but I'm gonna try to multi-task with it.
It'll be good fpr my morale. and its not like any of you care or anyhting uhhh birth day is tomorrow.